Marburg Virus Outbreak Sparks International Concern

Marburg Virus
Marburg Virus – Micrograph by University of Texas under CC license

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has raised a level 2 alert for all US citizens against the outbreak of the Marburg virus. The first case in recent years was reported in Equatorial Guinea on February 23, 2023. The Marburg virus outbreak has caused multiple districts of Equatorial Guinea to undergo a strict lockdown-like situation.

CDC advised American health officials to be alert to avoid outbreaks in the country. Also issued an advisory to US travelers who plan to visit African countries Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea.

World Health Organization (WHO) is currently working with local African authorities to identify symptoms, ways of transmission, and precautionary measures to limit spread.

What is Marburg Virus?

According to CDC, the Marburg virus disease used to be a very rare disease caused by the Marburg virus which is similar to the Ebola virus. The virus is likely to spread from animals to humans and also person to person, which raises the danger flag for all countries. Infection with this virus leads to deadly hemorrhagic fever.

Currently, affected countries are Germany, Ghana, Kenya, Serbia, South Africa, Guniea, and Equatorial Guinea. See affected countries here – (Marburg Virus Outbreak Map).

What are the Symptoms of Malburg Virus Disease?

The major symptom of Malburg disease is high fever. Also, other symptoms of Marburg fever include chills, stomach pain accompanied by diarrhea, muscle pain, sore throat, and vomiting.

In severe cases, there can be unexplained bleeding.

Advisory for US Travelers

CDC has issued the below advisory for travelers planning to travel to affected countries

  • Avoid visiting sites or mines that have fruit bats inhabitation.
  • Avoid indulging in the practice of eating the meat of fruit bats or monkeys
  • Try not to attend any funerals or burials of any person who has likely been infected with the Marburg virus.
  • Stay away from the contact of blood or bloody fluids of a person who is sick. Try not to touch the sweat, saliva, urine, or feces fluids of a sick person

After visiting affected areas, isolate yourself for 21 days and monitor for any symptoms of the Marburg virus.

What is the treatment for Marburg Virus?

Currently, there is no vaccine available in the world for MVD (Marburg Virus Outbreak). Treatment for MVD is based on symptomatic medicines. Survival chances can be improved by maintaining proper hydration and oxygen support for the infected.

Marburg Virus Outbreak History

YearCountryCases ReportedDeaths caused
Historical data of the Marburg Virus outbreak | fatality rate – Source CDC

How likely Marburg Virus is to hit the USA?

According to Health experts, the United state is not likely to get hit by this virus but also suggested following precautionary measures advised by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

FAQs on Marburg Virus Outbreak

What are countries affected by Marburg Virus Outbreak?

The Marburg virus has majorly affected Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania in the African region. Also, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, Serbia, South Africa, and Guinea are affected. There are no cases reported in the United States and Asian countries.

What is the fatality rate of the Marburg Virus?

The fatality rate of Marburg is very high. Based on historical data from the WHO site it is around 88%, which itself tells how deadly this outbreak can be. Exposure is higher for travelers who got in contact with infected people.

How many cases of Marburg virus are reported in The United State?

There are no confirmed cases of the Marburg outbreak in the USA. Center for Disease Control and Prevention is closely monitoring the situation and has also issued an advisory for travelers to African countries

Can yoga help against Marburg Virus?

There are no studies available to back the role of yoga in curing Marburg virus disease. But, Studies have shown that yoga can improve your immune system and help you to recover fast from Marburg Virus fever. Performing simple yoga poses and controlled breathing can help maintain oxygen levels.

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