How to learn Yoga: Beginner’s complete guide

Hey there.! Looking to learn yoga or struggling to find a complete guide for newbies to start? The following guide will introduce you to the world of yoga. Let’s start from the basics.!

After reading this guide you will have a clear path from where to begin. Let’s begin.!

Learn yoga
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What is Yoga?

Everyone thinks it’s just a difficult posture that we do. If you think the same, you are completely wrong. Yoga is a Sanskrit language word that means ‘union’. Now you might be thinking union of what? It is the union of mind, body, and soul. According to the Bhagavat Gita (Ch.42, Slokam 48, a Hindu Scripture), It is a state of mind when you are steadfast in performing your duties and treat both success and failure equally.

Who introduced Yoga?

Yoga is a gift given by India to the world. Sage Patanjali, the attendant of Lord Siva introduced it to humankind. He wrote down three marvelous scriptures covering the physical, mental, and social health of human life.

  • Patanjali Tantra: for physical health
  • Maha Bhashyam: for social health
  • Yoga Sutras: describing yoga for Spiritual health

How to Learn Yoga?

Now that you have some basic idea of what yoga is, I will tell you how to start learning it. For a beginner, it might seem to be a difficult one but trust me it is not. I myself have experienced it and it is a very easy practice to follow. Just follow 5 steps guide below

  1. Don’t overthink which yoga types to follow. As a beginner, you will always be confused about which type of yoga classes to join. Marketing people are always ready to sell their courses to you and don’t get trapped.
  2. Start with simple poses. Practice poses like the Easy pose, Diamond Thunderbolt pose, and Fish pose for the first 7 days. Keep your mind clear of any thoughts.
  3. Learn to control breathing. On the 8th day start getting used to breathing exercises like Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma – Viloma), Equal Breathing. Master other pranayamas (breathing techniques) in 30 days window.
  4. Learn simple postures and yogic exercises from Day 15.
  5. End your yoga session with Sha-va-sana (Sleep Pose) always.

After a month’s period, you will be comfortable with basic yoga and will start seeing changes in your life. The only thing I expect from you is to follow the above guide for 1 month. Now you might be having a question, where should I practice this yoga? Let me answer.!

Ideally, yoga should be practiced under the rising sun. But there are no limitations on where to practice during the initial days, you can do it at home, and whenever you get a chance, run to parks, beaches, and mountains to practice. Don’t forget to comment down your experience below.

Now you are ready to start your yogic life. Remember patience is the key. Keep reading imaginesouls to get updated yoga and health-related content.

How can I teach myself yoga?

Start reading blogs like, and watch youtube videos for simple yoga poses and breathing techniques.

What should a beginner of yoga learn first?

Start with breathing exercises like alternate-nostril pranayama and simple poses like fish pose, and cobra pose. you can read more at

What is the best way to start yoga?

Start by reading about yoga then look for demo beginner classes around you

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