How to do Corpse Pose | Savasana

The corpse pose is always misunderstood to be the easiest yoga pose by many beginners, but it is not. Let me walk you through a detailed guide on how to perform it and its benefits and how it helps to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Corpse pose
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What is Corpse Pose?

The corpse pose is a yogic posture always performed at the end of the yoga session. As the name suggests it replicates the position of the corpse. It is also known by the name of savasana (sha-va-sa-na). The Sanskrit word Shavasana is formed by the combination of ‘shava’ meaning corpse or dead body and ‘asana’ meaning posture.

Name of PositionCorpse Pose (savasana)
Difficulty LevelLow Medium
Ideal Duration15 minutes

Step-by-step guide to Corpse Pose

  • Lie down on your back on a yoga mat.
  • Spread your legs away from each other to maintain a comfortable distance. Make sure legs are relaxed and toes are side-facing.
  • Keep your arms alongside your body. Move grounded arms a bit away from the body line with palms of the hand facing upwards.
  • Now close your eyes and make yourself relaxed. There should be no forced holding of any body position.
  • Now start thinking about your body parts. Start bringing awareness from the right foot toes, knee, hand, and then left side of your body, head. (Note: there is no established rule from where to start)
  • Continue normal breathing, and focus on your breath flow. Imagine Prana (breath) is reaching every part of the body and is rejuvenating your soul.
  • Hold this pose for 10-15 minutes. Don’t let any thoughts come to your mind. Once you feel completely relaxed bring the palms of your hands closer and rub them together.
  • Put rubbed palms of your hand on your closed eyes, and slowly open your eyes.
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Benefits of Corpse pose

  • Relieves stress – This pose is very beneficial for someone who is in depression or feeling stressed due to any reason. It aids in stress management.
  • Insomnia – Patients suffering from insomnia can perform this before going to bed. It has been found to be helpful in recovering from insomnia.
  • Helps in lowering high blood pressure.
  • Act as a booster to repair inner cells/tissues broken during a heated yoga session.
  • Increases consciousness of your mind.

Precautions and contradictions

It is recommended not to perform any yoga pose without the guidance of a yoga practitioner. There are no contradictions to this pose as of now. After any surgery avoid performing any poses for 2-3 months of time.


Now that you are aware of all steps involved in corpse pose, give it a try after every yoga session. I am sure you will love the instant results given by it.

Try out basic yoga poses like easy pose, cobra pose, along with it.


What is the purpose of corpse pose?

Corpse pose’s purpose is to give body time to recover from the fatigue of yoga exercises. It helps in awakening sprutiality and improving consciousness about soul, body and mind

Who should perform corpse pose?

Anyone can perform corpse pose, unless advised by physician to not do it. Looking at it’s benefits everyone should give it a try after a yoga session or before going to bed.

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