About Us

About ImagineSouls.com

We are enthusiastic about bringing health, meditation, yoga, and fitness news awareness through the use of technology and ancient scriptures. Our sole purpose is to make people’s life easy, when it comes to yogic way of life.

Founded in 2022, We will be bringing forward our genuine experiences towards the readers of our blog. We aim to provide article in very easy to understand and read format. We would be encouraging you towards making productive changes in your lifestyle. We assure you that we will always put you first.

Imaginesouls.com’s main source of income will be from adverts shown by google Adsense.

About Authors

Authors of this blog are passionate bloggers with goal to share their experiences and expertise in respective fields. Our profile of writers include engineers, bloggers and yoga followers.

How to reach us

If you have any concerns or suggestion regarding blog, you can reach to us by using contact us or sending mail to contact@imaginesouls.com